captain kirk toy

Final Frontier Ipsum

Lorem ipsum where no-one has gone before. Shields up, orange alert. Auxiliary power to weapons. Revenge is a dish best served cold. There be whales here. Highly illogical, ensign.

Live long and prosper. Shields down, blue alert. Resistance is futile. Shields up, red alert. Main power to shields. Live long and prosper. Sensors detect a gravimetric distortion to starboard.

Shut up, Wesley. Secondary power to life support. Shields down, blue alert. Sensors detect a distortion in space-time to aft. Live long and prosper. Beam me up, Chief. I am not a merry man.

Shields up, orange alert. Main power to weapons. Live long and prosper. Commander, report to the mess hall immediately. I am not a merry man. Live long and prosper. Revenge is a dish best served cold. I am not a merry man. Set phasers to kill and retreat. There be whales here. Beam me up, O'Brian.

All power to backup systems. Doctor to bridge, report. Blue alert, fire phasers. Shields down, orange alert. Commander to sick bay, report. Resistance is futile.